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Le peintre humaniste

Le peintre humaniste is the thirteenth book about Henri Landier’s carrer. It illustrates his work during the years 2000 to 2014 with paintings on Provence, on the way to the Sainte-Victoire mountain, still-lives and portraits of friends together with an important series of self portraits from 2009 and a magisterial tribute to Rembrandt in the Netherlands. Book by Jean-Pierre Guiccardi of 256 pages at 30 €.

Vive la vie

Henri Landier presents in sixty works, a pictorial reflection on the cycle of existence from birth to death through the couple and friendship.
Catalogue french and english 24 pages.
Price: 10 €.

The world of entertainment

Henri Landier is fascinated by the world of the stage, musicians, clowns and comedians since his debut with Canari, the Charleston dancer, Georges Brassens Bobino and Monique Morelli Aligot. He shares with us his passion and admiration through this exhibition drawing on his works from 1958 to 2016.
24 pages catalogue French and english
Price: 10 €.

A world of flowers

In this new, large scale exhibition Henri Landier exalts flowers. He leads us into a springlike, poetic garden. His new theme is 100% plant-life where flowers dance and play.
Catalogue French and English16 pages
price: 10€.

En mer avec Henri LANDIER

It is the discovery of the world for nearly five years, Landier travels the seas. He looks skies and horizons, marine vastness and colorful ports that travels in all directions, arrived in Maracaibo like Amsterdam ...
Livre de Dominique Le Brun Editions Omnibus 2004 216 pages. Price : 27 €

Les gravures de ténèbres

From 1954 to 1965, Paris is the night that is imposed upon him. His early prints, night landscape on the fringe of fantasy. Portraits of Michel Simon, Pierre Mac Orlan, Léo Ferré, Céline ...
Préface André Giovani Ed Art Lepic 1998. 180 pages Price : 30 €

Les confidences de l’ombre

Beautiful friendship with Pierre Mac Orlan. In 1964, in his studio at the Moulin de Pisseloup serious and he takes himself for original wood 44 "Songs of the Old Lantern", Pierre Mac Orlan with which he works.
Préface Bernard Barritaud Ed Pays de Seine & Marne 2001. 104p Price :15 €


24 pages catalog collection Painting 1960-1990 Price 10 €


In 1965 to travel in Provence where he painted landscapes of the Luberon mountain, sunny quarries, vineyards in autumn, but also many portraits 1970. His work brings out the colors of the Haute-Provence when he realizes large warm lithographs.
Préface Pierre Moinnot- Ed Art Lepic 2001. 72 pages Price : 15 €

Le peintre rebelle

First biographical Volume (1935-1975), which presents the life and work of forty years of a young man who against all odds became a painter and engraver.
Texte de Jean-Pierre Guicciardi- Ed Valhermeil 2008. 215 pages Price :29€

Le Labyrinthe

Landier paints a thousand large-format canvases on the theme of chaos and destruction, building cities, ports and shipyards, dancers Buto, ruins, piles, reflections on a world in upheaval.
Textes Philippe Montoriol/ Thierry Saignes Ed Art Lepic 1987. 176 pages Price : 30 €

Le Cycle des métamorphoses

monographic testimony painting metamorphosis places and painted by Landier 1972 to 1983 Labyrinth body. This thematic cluster reflects the conflicts of our modern society.
Texte de Jean-Pierre Guicciardi- Ed De Capri 2008. 215 pages Price : 30 €

30 ans de gravure

Reproduction of known Landier engravings; tormented his first etchings 1954 Paris with colored aquatint portraits of 1980..
Préface de Jean Gordin.Ed Art Lepic 1984 100 pages de reproductions quadri Price : 30 €

Venise ou l’innocence retrouvée

(1980-2000) is a smooth break it transcribed in large blood and soft watercolors and happy that we are reliving the season and his travels.
Texte Alain Vircondelet Ed Somogy 2007. 176 pages Français Price : 49 €


24-page catalog of color reproductions
Price : 10 €

Le peintre voyageur

Volume 3 solo from 1983 to 2000, chronicling 17 years of travel (in watercolors, blood, oils and prints) from Venice to Prague, from Umbria, Tuscany and Britain.
Texte de Jean-Pierre Guicciardi- Ed Valhermeil 2013. 230 pages Price :30€


1992: Prague, city thunderbolt. One hundred large canvases of this enchanting and magical city. PRAHA/PRAGUE : Catalog de 20 pages de reproductions quadri Price : 10 €

FAUST : Musée Jena 1999

For the 250th anniversary of the birth of Goethe, the museum exhibits in Jena his Faust, a series of 32 etchings.
Catalog 36 pages gravures Français et allemand Price : 10 €

Henri Landier ou la cohérence d'une œuvre

2000: 50 years of creation of the painter, the Atelier d'Art Lepic present a retrospective at the launch of the CD produced by Bruno Picot, Ed Phronésis 1000 œuvres Price : 29 €

2003 : PACE-Paix.

Great paintings, testimony of the Italian opposition to the Iraq war. Pacifists banners floated the windows of the town of Imperia.
Catalog peintures de 20 pages 2004 Price 10 €


Large series of self-portraits 2009 retracing his life painting.
Catalog 24 pages Price : 10 €


interpretations made from 2000 to 2013
Catalog 32 pages Price 10 €


Catalogue Sainte Victoire

Large paintings from 2002 to 2005 of the Sainte-Victoire mountain at different seasons.
Catalogue français/anglais texte de Patrice de la Perrière et Madame Jacqueline de Romilly de l’Académie française de 24 pages de reproductions quadri Price : 10 €


La beauté des choses

2011 La Provence by Landier from the Sainte Victoire mountain to still lives and portraits of children, models and self portraits.
Catalogue français/anglais texte de Guy Vignoht de 24 pages de reproductions quadri Price : 10 €




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